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May 2, 2013
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MM: Moeko Fujisaki [Updated] by Ribbon-Knight MM: Moeko Fujisaki [Updated] by Ribbon-Knight
EDIT 2: Because of some recent RPs, Moe changed her look. Why? We-ll I'll probably reveal that later in some comics but I'm sure you can assume certain things. coughsomethingaboutmegumicough This Moe is more true to her own style but she still has a lot of developing to do character-wise too so I'm looking forward to it. Honestly I think this look suits her much better so I'm just superficially glad for that reason alone.

EDIT: I-I GOT IN!!!!! :iconimcryingsomuchplz: I'M SO HAPPY OMGGG
Just need to be more specific about Megumi's death and I should be good ohmyygod I'm so happy :iconomgsocuteplz:

Blank Moeko here:
Old Moeko here:

Full Name:
Moeko Fujisaki

Age: 15

Height: 5'3" (134cm)

Weight: 132lbs (muscle heavier than fat)

Gender: Female

Year Level:
Year One

Length of chain: A remnant from her yankee girl days, she's used it as her marquee weapon since the start of her delinquency. She's since kept it around both for the memory; so she'll never forget her past, and just in case she ever needs it again.

The Death is a card that represents change. You must close one door in order to open another. When reversed, it can result in a lack of change due to clinging onto the past or being otherwise unwilling.

Arcana Rank:
Rank 1



  • Shoujo manga
  • Fortune cookies
  • Crane games and arcades
  • Wrestling
  • Hiking
  • Steak
  • Dainty cakes
  • Hide and seek and other schoolyard games
  • Karaoke
  • Origami (even if she's terrible at it)
  • Shrine charms (such as omamori)
  • Cell phone novels
  • Cute hair accessories and hats
  • Competitions
  • Swing dancing
  • Castella
  • Cowboys, gangsters and samurai
  • Guys and girls with muscles just muscles in general
  • Rock and punk(rock) music
  • Making cute lunches

  • Shoujo manga with bad love interests
  • Writing kanji
  • Chewing gum (especially when its stuck to something!)
  • Huge books
  • Computers/technology (has trouble working them)
  • Herbal teas
  • Studying
  • Girls who participate in compensated dating
  • Littering
  • Long nails
  • Vegetables
  • The horrible chalkboard sound
  • Birds that dare defecate on the sidewalk
  • Jellyfish (bad memories at the beach)
  • Dress codes
  • Being coddled, protected or treated like a damsel or typical girl
  • Any kind of sexism
  • Someone talking about Megumi without her permission or prompting
  • Guys who won't make decisions

Energetic and bubbly, Moe has worked hard reworking her yankee image into a girly respectable young woman. Nearly always in a good mood, Moe is very friendly - maybe too friendly - and easily jumps straight into conversations and new encounters giving everything 110%. Despite her efforts however, she tends to have relapses when she gets fired up - becoming gung-ho and occasionally aggressive especially in sports (whether watching or playing) and debates or fights (she will rowdily cheer for her friends if they get into a fight). Moe loves the idea of friendship and treats it as a sacred thing, she adores silly little gestures and nicknames and even if she's not good at them herself. But she tends to get carried away and drags people along with her whether they want to or not be it a shrine visit or belting out some karaoke. When she is angry she makes pains to get in a better mood so as to be the ideal "casual school girl" and has a variety of methods with varying success; do not be surprised if you see her with a table of cakes; there are times she won't stop baking until she feels better.

When people get past her quirks, they find a die-hard friend who'd willingly throw herself into anything for them.

Ever after she met Megumi she's taken to baking - and has since become very adept at baking cakes, muffins and other sweet treats.
Her father introduced her to hapkido after her delinquency started to show hoping it'd calm her and curb it. It didn't - but the lessons stuck.
Never-ending stamina:
Moe has always been running, fighting all day sometimes through to the night. Because of her day-to-day routines, she's got a lot of energy to burn and rarely gets physically tired.
Makes you feel good about yourself:
Probably through Megumi's influence, Moe has taken to pointing out the best things of a person and can find something positive to say about absolutely everybody.
Physically strong:
She pumps weights as a way of keeping herself calm and frequently does it when she feels stressed out. It's a habit that's stuck since her delinquent days. She is, in general, very physically gifted and has a natural aptitude to most sports. She is more than a match for athletic boys and is quite proud of her muscles.
Never deterred:
When she sets her mind to something, Moe keeps to it. Small things like promises mean a lot to her and when the mood is dark she tries to lighten it up with her optimism.
Code of honour:
<li>Moe has a strong code of honour. Even back when she was a sukeban she'd take the majority of blame for the trouble and crimes her friends caused despite it not being her fault. She has a strong loyalty to her friends and keen sense of justice.</li>
Thick as a brick:
Probably because she was absent, not listening or under some influence - Moe never paid attention to any class. She studied hard to pass Kirimori's entrance exam - but that was the exception not the rule.
No sense of personal space:
Moe has trouble being respectful of people's personal space and is constantly grabbing, touching, or getting too close to people.
Ever since her transformation, she's frequently disappointed she doesn't command attention like she used to. She freely throws herself into conversations or subjects with nothing to do with her, and does things to grab attention.
Nosy busybody:
Similar to her lack of respect towards personal space - when Moe wants to know something, she will always satisfy her own sense of curiosity rather than think about how others might feel.
Accidentally swears:
Her language (although she works hard on it) can very frequently be rough, and when she gets frustrated or angry, swear words tend to slip out.
Charges in - doesn't rely on her team:
Can be very fool-hardy and gutsy. She's always cautious of being viewed as cowardly, so she constantly maintains an air of bravado and steams ahead. And while going kamikaze - tends to forget she has team mates she's left behind let alone any plan they may have made.
Easily frustrated and impatient:
When things don't work or she hits a break wall - Moe's response is quite often to get mad and break said wall. Happens frequently when studying, trying new battle tactics or even when technology doesn't work.
Merciless and vicious:
When she's angry, she is a demon. Capable of unthinkable amounts of damage (both to property and people), Moe will not stop her rampage when she gets going and has been known to have beaten people straight into hospital in her past. She is trying to change this part of her but it is definitely there.

Moe enjoyed her early childhood in Osaka hanging out with the boys and playing sports. Having lived in a dull neighborhood, all they had for entertainment were themselves, which is probably why there were so many delinquents at school. After her first year, bored and full of energy, Moe fell in with them looking for things to do - and before she knew it, was brawling, staying out all night and causing trouble.
After her second year at school a student called Sugimoto Megumi transferred - and transformed her life.

She was cheery, feminine and popular, and stuck to Moe like glue - trying to befriend her no matter how verbally aggressive Moe got. Eventually she won over and the two became inseparable friends. Until rather suddenly - Megumi died.

It wasn't even on the news.

Apparently she'd just fallen and died; that was it. Moe later heard from her mother that she'd woken up in the middle of the night and slipped down the stairs when she went to get a midnight snack, snapping her neck in the process. Moe hardly believed it. It took attending her funeral for it to sink in - which is when she finally decided to fix her life. Megumi's previous suggestions of "stop fighting" and "work hard and study" became a rule book she'd live by - she tossed aside her old yankee ways, studied hard and worked to be presentable. The flimsy promise she'd casually agreed to - attending Higashimori High School with her - now became the most important thing in her life. Undaunted by the school's high stature, Moe studied well into the night for weeks and recklessly took the trip to Kirimori with no money for a return trip.

She'd fulfill Megumi's dreams. Because she had to give her one last "thank you" for taking a chance on her.

  • Will insist you call her Moe.
  • Speaks in Kansai-ben - a distinct Osakan accent.
  • She vows never to fight again unless it's to defend someone else. Nowadays she tries to be more of a pacifist and stop fights with words and cupcakes. This vow is fairly hollow though as her nature is much too strong
  • Goes to the gym daily.
  • Has an absolutely massive dog called Hamako back home that's recently had puppies. Loves showing everyone the photos she's got of her dog and her puppies.
  • Following another off-hand promise she made with Megumi, Moe hopes to one day become a pâtissière. This isn't necessarily true.
  • Moe loves handing out cupcakes to people, and will occasionally "make-up" reasons to celebrate certain days in order to give them.
  • She writes in her cell phone before bed every day like you would a diary but she addresses all of her entries as texts to Megumi instead.
  • Her favourite Pro wrestler is Jumbo Tsuruta and a ton of posters decorate her walls wherever she goes.
  • Has a white knight complex - always puts others first and tries to throw herself in the way of harm in order to protect others, even if its from something small. Considers her own problems rather insignificant.
  • Used to be a sukeban and ran a gang in her small town. She often bullied other kids too but always followed a personal code. Left her gang behind her when she met Megumi.
  • She still really really really believes Santa Claus exists and actually gets heated if people say he doesn't!
  • Thinking too long often frustrates her and she often resorts to working out or other physical activities just to do something else.
  • :new:
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It does! They seem to have some similarities so it sounds like it's gonna be fun!
They both have high stamina and don't like people ordering them around after all pfffffft I hope Moe won't be too much trouble him :iconimcryingsomuchplz:
VenYann Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2014
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Ribbon-Knight Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Such is always the way Zue I swear it happens like every group. I kinda love it though, the more reunions the better pffffttt :iconholyshitohmygodplz::iconureshiiryojidaisyplz:


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Fuu-Ma Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
SHE BECAME CUTER O A O //pinches her cheeks
Ribbon-Knight Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Honestly her first design was good in theory but the more I drew it the more I disliked it. She was always gonna change but I just changed it sooner than planned haha.

Thanks again though<333

//applauds your not stalkery
Rouellene Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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RJJJJJJJJJJJJ You're always so nice thank you! ;v;
Her new look was for character development but I kinda rushed it haha. xD Thank you so much though seriously!
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