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September 16, 2013
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HPA: SHSL Masseuse, Himemiya Otome by Ribbon-Knight HPA: SHSL Masseuse, Himemiya Otome by Ribbon-Knight
Masseuse was my third-fourth choice character to be honest so I hope she turned out well. ;v; I think her face blindness is really interesting to her character and to the group concept too. Imagine it - she could literally witness a murder and not know the victim and murderer. Potential, potential~ Should be fun!

I really hope I get in! QuQ

Full image found here:

Name: Himemiya Otome (姫宮 おとめ)
Age: 16
Height: 5' 1" (her shoes give her two inches of height)
Weight: 106 lbs.
Gender: Female
DOB: February 15th

SHSL: SHSL Masseuse ||
Otome is well-versed in pressure points and the body to the point she knows exactly where to jab or touch to relieve tension. Those who receive her massages feel revitalized. She is said to have magical hands and silly as it sounds, she's adapted it into her own little catchphrase.

Ethnicity/Home: Japanese, Japan
Extra Features: A heart-shaped clip in her hair and lacey fingerless gloves. She abhors the idea of piercings or tattoos unless they are temporary. Her shoes give her an extra height advantage.
Weapon: N/A

Snobbish | Cunning | Composed | Insensitive | Blunt | Apathetic | Distrustful | Materialistic | Picky

Otome is a girl who prides herself on her grace and the way she carries herself and at the same time she is someone who finds herself disliking most people. She has massive trust issues and a certain paranoia that leads her to believe everyone is scheming against her. Because of this, despite her composed and elegant tone, she is ruthlessly honest and even outright admits that she is materialistic and in it for herself going so far as to say she is a person who values self-preservation alone her attachment to her father withstanding. She makes it look like everything she does is effortless but in reality she pushes herself to brutal standards and feels frustrated should she not meet them. Otome believes if she is to do something then she must do something perfectly - no excuses allowed. She is a calculating, cunning and hard to predict person, mainly due to her snobbish air and general standoffishness. Her extreme pride makes it impossible for her to admit her flaws nor come clean with anything she feels "damaging" to her reputation. On rare days she laments her lack of empathy because she truly feels as if she is a shallow person and that, because of this, it is impossible to connect with others. She has become jaded on the matter but the gentle smile she often wears doesn't often portray just how tired she is of human drama. In the rare event she does become close to someone she tends to be fussy of them - the way the eat and dress and even get anxious about all the scrapes they can get into.

:bulletpink: Green tea (but other types of tea, too)
:bulletpink: Anatomy, muscles and human structure
:bulletpink: Beauty in life
:bulletpink: Fashion, particularly Lolita
:bulletpink: Classic western novels
:bulletpink: Small portions of food; bitesize things
:bulletpink: Morning exercises (would prefer people didn't know this, however)
:bulletpink: The piano, violin and harp (although she cannot play any of these)
:bulletpink: Smart people and people of class
:bulletpink: New curious experiences
:bulletpink: Night time
:bulletpink: Nail polish
:bulletpink: Dancing (particularly the tango and waltz)
:bulletpink: Graceful movements in general (such as in rhythm gymnastics)

:bulletblack: Crass shows of sex and violence
:bulletblack: People complimenting her face
:bulletblack: Disrespectful or ill-mannered people
:bulletblack: Lateness/tardiness
:bulletblack: Being restricted in her movement or access to things
:bulletblack: Tattoos or piercings, anything she deems dirtying the body
:bulletblack: Mirrors
:bulletblack: Bright and sunny days
:bulletblack: Beaches
:bulletblack: Outgoing people
:bulletblack: Being snuck up on
:bulletblack: Horoscopes and uncertainty
:bulletblack: Rumours

History/Family: Otome pretty much grew up in a single parent household in Fukuoka. Her mother and father had been distant for a while, not fighting, not arguing but barely in each other's world. When her mother gave birth, it seemed like things would finally get better but staying with a constantly crying baby constantly wore at her mother who had been given no chance to follow her own dreams. Things finally hit boiling point when Otome was diagnosed with Prosopagnosia or rather, face-blindness as she couldn't even recognize her own parents' faces. Still, there was no drama. Her mother explained it to her father, he understood and they split ways.

As a child, Otome was interested in the standard princess fare and began practicing rhythm gymnastics, a sport she was fairly good at. But Otome was a bit of an over-compensator and when she realized the other kids were angry at her because of her apparent "forgetfulness" she did her best to be an asset in other ways and ended up with a knee injury that pretty much ended her career then and there at only eight. Still, being an athlete was rough - by the time she'd recovered it was way too late to catch up with the training she would've needed and she instead turned to helping the others with physio-therapy and massages. She had no idea how much of a gift she had. Otome's hands were like magic. Somehow they soothed in a way that baffled patients and disbelievers alike - she had no apparent knowledge or training yet somehow she could revitalize a tired soul with a simple touch in the right area. She quickly realized that she had a gift and was quick to make use of it - she dropped the physio studies and went into researching the body where she developed a love she'd never known. A love of the body. The bones, the structure, the muscles... they were parts she could recognize and they were fascinating, each one so beautiful in its own way. She began to get an extensive background in human anatomy as well as the pressure points she could use to relieve the body. At thirteen she was known quite well for her extensive help with athletes and weary elders willing to pay her for her "magical hands".

But Otome still found herself with problems. Her inability to recognize peoples' faces continued to make people see her poorly and her heightening pride made it difficult to admit she had a problem. Only after months could she even remember her father's yet these people expected her to remember them in days. Even those that did know of her condition got tired of dealing with it. Time after time Otome found herself trash-talked and gossiped over and eventually her opinion on people, particularly teenagers, just continued to sour and sour. People sure were beautiful, she thought, but only their bodies. Their personalities were rather warped and selfish - disappointing and untrustworthy. With the money gained with her new reputation Otome just decided to spend time on herself and simply bought objects of beauty and pleasure to fill the voids that began to surface. Her father was her only pillar of support and when he saw this attitude he encouraged her to try and make friends, live a little as a child. Being that he was the only person that was there for her, Otome granted this wish and with perfect timing, found Hope's Peak. This was an opportunity. An opportunity to be surrounded by other kids with talents - perhaps kids that would understand.

Additional Info:
:bulletpink: Otome speaks English (though she'll apologize for mistakes), Japanese and a little Swiss as she once visited Switzerland. She speaks highly of it.
:bulletblack: Otome is quite polite so she tends to refer to people by their surname, even the non-Japanese.
:bulletpink: She rather enjoys surprising people with her talent - most people A, don't expect it from her and B, have no idea how effective she really is.
:bulletblack: Otome can press on pressure points to cause pain too but she really has no desire to ever do that. She enjoys massaging usually.
:bulletpink: She mainly identifies people through the voice, body parts and clothes but it takes a while for her to remember. She will rarely explain her face blindness and instead adopts a snobby attitude about it. She can easily be fooled, however, if people A, do not speak, B, pretend to be another through voice and clothing or C, dress too heavily giving her no clue.
:bulletblack: She has a tendency to repeat things when she's angry such as "certainly, certainly, certainly" or "my, my, my".
:bulletpink: She is deeply germaphobic.
:bulletblack: She has no problem at all with nudity or cleavage after all to her, the body is an art form. If you get sleazy about it though she'll turn her nose up.
:bulletpink: She is more athletic and fond of physical activities than it seems but an old injury prevents too many strenuous actions.
:bulletblack: Otome has never really had a friend so "friendly activities" and "hanging out" are a new concept for her.
:bulletpink: Has a very small appetite.

"People grow old and bitter but treasure is forever."
"My...! Your deltoid is simply darling! The brachioradialis isn't bad either..."
"Didn't you know? I have magical hands."

RP Sample:
The building really was much larger in real life and for the first time since her decision, Otome felt anxiety sting at her. Such a bothersome feeling. The young masseuse did her best to shrug off the discomfort. It had been a while since she'd fully immersed herself in a school environment. Mainly because her work had kept her so busy but well... to be honest, it was a little more than that. After all the lies and misunderstandings, she'd just gotten tired of trying. It was draining to try and explain the simple blankness of everyones' faces and it was even more to maintain her trademark prideful denial of the subject. Her pale yellow eyes skimmed from the nearby shrubbery to the towering building once more. Well, it certainly was beautiful but she felt a kind of tingle on her skin that she didn't quite like - especially because she couldn't quite explain it. Was this how ants felt in the presence of humans? It was a curious thought. With a deep yet composed sigh that she hid behind one laced hand, Otome straightened her posture and prepared herself to step inside. Well. Surely it couldn't be that bad, right? Anything here she'd dealt with before. She was resourceful enough to deal with bothersome things - she was sure she'd be able to manage. "Well then, Hope's Peak..." Otome narrated as she stepped towards the entrance. "let us see what you shall offer." she briefly wondered if anything would change as she stepped through the gates. Would things be different this time around? What were other students of great talent like in the first place? As she pondered this, a light dizzying feeling took over. Had her nerves got the better of her? That was... impossible, right? And yet the feeling was undeniable - her head felt lighter and lighter until she suddenly and well, rather prematurely... blacked out.

Otome: How curious... just what sort of riff-raff do they allow into such an establishment, anyway? *tilts her head before shrugging, unsure what to make of such a show* Never you mind, I suppose. Even in places of culture do we find the swine.

RP Methods: Honestly I'm very open to a lot of things and I'm usually up for RPs whenever! I probably prefer notes and comments but I'll be happy to exchange skype addresses for RPs and play around with GDoc too! I love going in the chatroom but my timezone and poor scheduling don't often help. :/
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Yoko-tan Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Okay, first off all, i absolutely adore your character's design, and second of all, I swear to god my OC will love yours forever if she'll give her a massage from time to time XDD…
Archy-tan Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2013
have i ever told you we should rp bcus im totes up for sending u a starter if you'd like /)w(\);;
Ribbon-Knight Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2013  Student Digital Artist
fspeskdose n-no you haven't and omggg please do please do I would love that thank you so so much that's so awesome of you I would also love to rpppp yes
blackriolu Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2013  Hobbyist
oh gosh okay she's like perfect! :iconasdfghplz: I love the face blindness like that's so /cool/ but it's so horrible how she was treated oh man ;u;
what a cutie! <3
Ribbon-Knight Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Thank you so so so much I'm glad you like it, I wasn't sure how it'd be taken bbut I'm glad people like it I think it's such an interesting thing so making a chara with it was very cool! fnsiesnd yeah a little but she's not exactly the welcoming type pfft probably doesn't help much--

Tsjojsjdosr t-t-thank youuuuuuuuu QuQ
I honestly appreciate that so much!
blackriolu Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2013  Hobbyist
oh my gosh no I think it's just so interesting and I mean like you said she could literally witness a murder and have no idea who did it I mean that's so cOOL!!
Ribbon-Knight Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2013  Student Digital Artist

sdhseiesd yes yes, I do think that is a cool detail! I don't know if it'd ever work in the group itself but golly golly I sure hope so, I think it could really complicate a mystery and make it more fun! Otome'll probably die first because that's funny irony though ahaha~
Illustriality Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2013  Hobbyist
Djfbdsk qt character omg her face blindness HAHa
And her quirks! Omg what a qt I love her quotes ahah
Ribbon-Knight Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2013  Student Digital Artist
fskdsedjsoe qtttttttt are you serious fsomgomg thank you right now you are totally making my day I swearrrr-- And heehee I look forward to seeing her face blindness getting used and disehsdsh thank you again aaaaa<3333
Illustriality Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2013  Hobbyist
Aaaahhh I'm so excitedd heee
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